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Trinmar Contracting Services, Inc. is a specialty mechanical contractor that meets the requirements of Section 8(a) of the Federal Small Business Act. Our work experience includes, but is not limited to the following areas:

ASME Code Welding

Highly trained and experienced mechanics accomplish complex welding tasks that meet the most rigid industry specifications. We have been certified for over 23 years. We also hold the national Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspector's "R" symbol.

Rigging & Equipment Setting

Rigging and erecting large and complex structures requires more than the right equipment. It takes the experience and know-how to do it precisely within design specifications and to do it safely, protecting workers and property.

Boiler Repairs

External boiler piping repairs, alterations and installations.

Chiller Plants

Our experience in the installation of chiller plants includes the use of large diameter piping, pumps and related equipment.

Process Piping

Fabricating, erecting, renovating and installing chemical handling systems takes technical skill and knowledge of specialized materials and safety requirements. Our experience includes a wide variety of applications, including heavy industrial, chemical plants and the beverage industry.

Power Piping

We fabricate, erect, renovate and install steam and high pressure condensate distribution systems.

Large Diameter Piping Systems

We offer specialized expertise in the installation of large diameter piping systems, such as those in chiller plants for hospitals and universities.