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Our Company Policies

The entire Trinmar Construction Services team abides by a set of basic core values, which we consider to be vital to the continued success of our organization. These company policies, together with our mission statement, guide all of our daily business decisions.

Our Core Values

  • Customer Service
  • People
  • Safety
  • Ethics
  • Excellence
  • Profitability


  • Expertise, leading to effectiveness
  • Innovation, leading to quality solutions
  • Teamwork, leading to synergy
  • Decisiveness, leading to action


  • To our customers and employees


  • The foundation of long term success

Mission Statement

  • To be the premier customer oriented mechanical contracting company and supplier of mechanical construction services.
  • To continually improve our performance and to partner with suppliers who help us meet our customers' expectations.
  • To provide our employees with a work environment which promotes communication and opportunities for career development and personal growth.
  • To make a contribution to our communities as individuals and as a company, and to operate with integrity and achieve our mission in an ethical manner.
  • To succeed as a business and provide return to our shareholders.